{HeartParts} What a Fantastic Day! (republish)


I was told I was crazy.  I was told I was brave.  I felt like I was insane for even attempting it. I didn’t even tell the kids we were going until bedtime last night, in case I changed my mind.  I had no idea how today would go, driving 1 hour to a farm in BFE New Mexico (Moriarty) to play in the state’s biggest pumpkin patch with thousands of other people, on probably the hottest day we’ve had this month.  Just me and the kids.  When I had to ask the man checking tickets to help me put my admission bracelet on, I thought for sure I was in trouble.

But I could not have planned a better day.  The kids were amazing.  The farm had so much to do, we only got through 1/2 of it in the 3 hours we were there.  Both Little Man and Little Miss walked THE ENTIRE DAY.  They had no fear- Little Man hand-fed goats as tall as he is, Little Miss jumped on the jump pillow with the big kids- and both kids endured the heat, crowds, and my not-quite-fully-preparedness with such grace and love.  When I would get tired, the kids were full of hugs and reminders of why we were there.  Their faith in me and their patience with logistics was unmatched.  At the end of it, as we were driving away, I was thinking of ways we could extend this wonderful feeling to our evening back home, instead of being grateful the excursion was over.  We rented movies. I made “crunchy brains” for dinner (don’t ask- the name is actually less disturbing than the culinary so-not-gourmet experience I submitted us to). We played with Sharpies to decorate the pumpkins (since I won’t get the kids again until RIGHT before halloween, and it’s been too hot for carved pumpkins to last that long). We even had homemade apple pie before bed time. (Little Miss said I should bake a pie every morning and we should eat pie before bed every night! LOL)

Would I have loved to share this day with the other special people in our world? Always.  But there was something about our little family working so beautifully together today that was wonderful all on it’s own.  This was my first public event success, solo or otherwise, in the last year.  Good times are more abundant from here on out, I think. 🙂

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