{I Spy} Graham Crackers


I have, for years, watched for the day I feel like a grown up. Because grown ups must feel different, right? Got a car. Nope. Job. Nope. Degree. Nope. Mortgage, kids, career. Nope.

As I nibbled on a high fiber, “it’s healthy for you” snack between meetings today, I realized that they tasted an awful lot like graham crackers. And when I stopped giggling, I realized something even better- I will probably never feel like a grownup, with childish pleasures and affects behind me. I think we are all just kids at heart, playing an elaborate game of grown-up-ness in dress up clothes.

Left to our deepest wishes, we still want to play in the grass. Climb something. Doodle. Try a new game. Lick the whipped cream bowl. Build a fort. Create something completely beautiful and unproductive. Hear a great story. Lose ourselves in a lazy day, with no thought to the clock.

When that desire goes away, we don’t become grown ups, we become old. And I say “nanner nanner” to that.

So can you bring me some apple juice, please? I am building something awesome in here and don’t want to leave the fort.

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