{Peanut Gallery} Small Seeds

This has been one of those weeks when every introspective turn floods me with thoughts of all the things I wish I had already mastered/ fixed/ shed. Makes for a rough week, surely, and I wish I could say these feelings are rare. As they are not, I have built a habit of responding with a kind, retrospective montage of all the things I HAVE accomplished- a reminder that this is an active and successful journey that I can be proud of, and one that is never truly finished. I have time.

And I noticed a pattern. My plans for change were always sweeping Epic overhauls, but my successes always tiny seeds of change that take root and, over time, branch out silently until they bloom with value and become organic bits of me. A true personal journey. It felt, unexpectedly, that I was on to something. A seed of its own, I am convinced, that was planted by my girlfriend Marissa last week. And the fertile soil i have built reading about groundlessness and confidence from Pema Chodron.

I believe, my friends, that another life experiment is in order. Or rather, a series of small experiments. Small tests of change, like sprinkling seeds in the garden and seeing what is eager to grow.

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