Fairy Tales

There is no knight in shining armor.

Last night I dreamt of my heart ache
and relived a paper moment in flesh
The simultaneous experience of being too much and not enough
(A foolish mistress, convinced by his gallant steed)
my heart breaking again, this time in color and surround sound

At dawn I was torn deeper
As if the first pass wasn’t enough
Threat bearing down on me and my daughter
And he changed his name
without even the courtesy of rolling down the window
and drove away

Left worse off than before, holding
her fear
my sadness
and exactly the solutions I already had

But there is no secret language that speaks through two tongues.
There is no “you complete me.”
There is no Prince Charming.

I will continue to sing the aria
Making my children laugh
And dance with them around the room

While I figure out the course, no longer shackled to fairy tales of poverty


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