{Eats} dinner du jour(s) February 2014

Friday: read entire issue of Bon Appetit on front patio in sunshine. Dog ear many pages, then go out to dinner with friends.

Saturday: spend 3 hours in a zendo meditating (or trying). Blow way too much money on vegetables and a Pygmy leg of lamb at whole foods. Get the potatoes and butternut squash prepped from this recipe: butternut squash gnocchi with sage butter sauce, marinate the lamb from this recipe: lamb stir fry with pomegranate and yogurt, and go out to a great dive bar that’s closing. Molest your brother and his pretty date there.

Sunday: Spend all morning in bed, totally indulgent. About 5, make and shape the gnocchi, prepare the lamb stir fry, and share dinner with a friend while watching a good movie.

Monday morning: use the gnocchi to make a too rich version of you favorite brunch while you plot world domination and/ or your week at work.

Monday evening: get home from work after 8. Persevere, pour a glass of red wine, and mix the left over gnocchi, left over lamb, some onions, some asparagus, cream, and Parmesan into a guilt-inducing concoction of yumminess.

It was a good weekend. 🙂


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