Found Things

This is your world. This is your feast. – Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

{Carpe Diem} WTF?

Dear Author, you just posted a picture of your dragon-  and without an allegory or metaphor or limerick or humorous anecdote in sight.  You feeling ok?

Oh yes. 🙂

I realized while keeping a photo journal of my travels in Portland last week that the things that caught my eye there really weren’t that different from the things that move me when I am home.  And while I generally consider myself easily delighted by the world around me, I wondered: How much MORE delighted would I be with my everyday life if I documented it like my vacation?

So we’re going to give this little idea a spin. 🙂

One Response to “{Carpe Diem} WTF?”

  1. David

    I really like this idea. It will help me dig out from this photo funk.


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