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This is your world. This is your feast. – Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

{Photography} Snow?!

Usually when the weather man starts crying ‘snow,’ I expect an inch or so, if anything at all- too many years of poorly predicted snow days, I guess. A side effect of the high desert, we tend to have a lot of ‘close calls.’

So it was quite a surprise to wake up this morning and find 6 inches on the ground (more in the drifts!), with snow still falling.  Rarely having such an opportunity to photograph something so very bright (and get some practice with the neutral density filters), I bundled up and took the kids and my camera outside.  Photos aside, I really enjoyed the quiet exploration of my street on a Saturday morning, cars moving more hesitantly, the neighbors’ yards in disguise, and a heavy sky still hanging above me.

Apparently, I am still feeling macro, lol- I got some technically sound shots of the snow at a distance (which feels pretty awesome all by itself), but they just didn’t grab me like these ones did.

For all of you in cold climes (and certainly those colder than NM!), I send you the warmest of blessings!

(You can also find us on Flickr!)

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