Some Damn Tasty Lemonade

It was bound to happen at some point.

I noticed as I loaded new photos into Lightroom tonight that yesterday was a year to the day of my DSLR’s first click. I also noticed that it has taken me a week to even upload some of the photos– wholly on account of my hating them.

I had a bad macro run last week – working indoors with an unfamiliar setup late in the evening after work – surprise surprise- didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. And unlike my more recent trips to the botanical gardens, this experience didn’t make me want to get back out there and get those snaps. It made me feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of skill I have the never-ending opportunity to develop.

So I spent the week under a proverbial rock, reading articles and books on technique, feeling crappier and more anxious about trying again. To make matters worse (better?), taunting me from my kitchen counter were the other flowers I had bought to take pictures of, cascading like waves through the process of fantastic blooming.  Tonight – having had enough of their teasing- I got out the camera and found some pictures I am very excited about. Relief- looks like I didn’t lose the last year’s lessons in one go after all, lol.

Interestingly, when I uploaded the pictures that had left me so disenchanted, they weren’t as bad as I remembered them.  No, they weren’t as clear or lit for texture as I wanted and the depth of field was all but unworkable, but I found Freeman Patterson’s words from “Photography and the Art of Seeing” nagging me: “… don’t junk your digital images immediately!”

Taking a cue from some of my favorite shots at the botanical garden, I decided to go an abstract route and work with- rather than against- the images’ flaws.  I actually like this set enough (now) to try printing a set of note cards for thank you’s and the like!

I am curious what you think of this batch of “lemonade”- gratefully, the the shots I took tonight are a little less of a stretch and I am excited to get them into processing and posted!

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