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{Photo Writing Prompts} Stormy’s Stories

Stormys_Stories-22When my paternal grandmother passed away 2 years ago, I lost the last person I knew on my father’s side of the family.  She was a private woman always– sometimes to a fault– and I had the pleasure of hearing only a handful of stories about her life and where I come from- she didn’t think they would be interesting to me (despite my reassurances otherwise).  But it was those few stories – and the nights we’d spend talking about our favorite meals (and recipes) over wine – that I treasure most about having known her.  My grandmother was one of the strongest, feistiest, and most beautiful woman I have ever desperately wanted to know.

I agreed to serve as her personal representative, despite hundreds of miles and many years lost between us- and in the course of that responsibility, I became the executor of far more family pictures and memories than I had stories to connect to them.  These pictures were FASCINATING, a glimpse back into my grandmother’s childhood and, in some cases, quite tangible history of photography. I have spent hours pouring through them, trying to figure out what might have been going on when the picture was taken, why the moment warranted a snapshot, what the world felt like back then, and who the subjects’ were.

These pictures need stories, and as I can’t ask my grandmother about them, I offer them openly to anyone willing to create one.

How it works:

  • Every week I will post one or more pictures from the collection under the blog category “Stormy’s Stories.”  If you want to get an email notice you can follow the blog or contact me directly at MoreFoundThings at gmail dot com.  I will add any details I can can glean from the processor envelopes, notes on the back, or other clues not visible in the scanned photo.
  • If you have a blog, write a story/poem/piece of prose/etc. inspired by the picture or respond to the image in a graphic way (photo, drawing, etc.) and post a link to it in the Stormy’s Stories post comments.  (Please also insert a link back to the image’s source page in your post so everything stays connected! )
  • If you don’t have a blog of your own, contact me and we’ll find a way to get your piece posted for you.
  • If you have other ideas for making good use of the pictures (games, genealogy research, etc.) please contact me. 🙂

I would be most grateful if you would share with anyone you know looking for creative prompts or in writing forums! It looks like I have enough photos for 30-50 posts.

Find all of Stormy’s Stories writing prompts here, including week 1

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