Two Spaces

When I touch myself
the world shrinks
to a
a safe place of swift relief but

When I touch another-
when I am touched by another-
my world instead widens
to wrap itself and me around the cosmos

and I float

unraveled and cool and quiet
in the infinite space made visible.


Writer’s Contract

The rules of writing are not handcuffs for the writer
Nor a gavel for the reader

Instead a contract between them,
ensuring, respectfully,
as much as is possible, that
Two people, miles, years, and lives apart
Might sit down to tea
And share one’s ideas

Without the other
taking things the wrong way
so easily

Life Hack

Everything I read
the 8 steps to anything
– better hair, enlightenment, true love, my dream job, clean bowels –

lord, I am tired of bulleted lists to hack my life

I want the messy roar of a chainsaw
the wild whack of an axe at the base
the possibility found in the curious unknown

Screw the bullets;
give me a torch and let me blow my own mind wide open


Thread Bare

If I would shave the loveliest pieces of me
into tiny glitter
that you could spread about you absently as
you moved about your day-

If I would roll myself out to be
As thin and malleable as a slip of paper
you could tuck into your calendar-

If I would shed my feelings and needs
until I was as light and unobtrusive as a winter sunbeam
you could bask in without discomfort-

If I would wash out my expectations, my pointed questions, like starch,
until I was as soft and accommodating as
your favorite old shirt-

maybe then
you would be willing to make enough room in your world
for me

And I would be too thread bare to notice

it’s not a place I wish to be


The Next Best Thing

I feel the wind flick my hair across my cheek
In place of your fingertips, sliding it back in its place

Instead of your soft lips pressed against mine,
I feel the firm press of glass that wraps around my wine

Your sultry whispers hardly replaced
by the intoxicating songs of summer birds
And the rolls of thunder in lieu of your gorgeous laughter

I inhale deeply the earthy scent of coming rain
And imagine you again taking my breath away

I imagine your feet against mine, legs intertwined,
As I press my body against the earth to feel all of its strength

Craving your hands making lazy turns across my curves-
I settle for the breeze dancing slowly down my spine
The rain falling on me like the kisses you sprinkled over my skin

Unable to make love with you
I make love to my whole world instead

A far cry second
Next best thing



I lay here, naked
my hair falling wet around my bare shoulders
still, quiet, cooling
fading passion softly glowing on my skin
still damp from the shower and cool from the breeze

jade_BW_peacesetting all the world right

Ah, but I could lay here, just like this, forever
empowered, seduced, relaxed
the subtle memory of sex hanging in the air
and my body completely at peace

ignoring the world’s melting away
and imagining the warm fingertips of a lover
tracing the paths of passion along my flesh
softly tugging my ear with his teeth
and brushing his soft lips across my still ragged breath
gathering the gutteral truths
that only come in moments like this