Oregon Coast

I have a confession– I am a chronic reviser.

When I started writing, I took the position that my ‘art’ and passion flowed through me like a free running river and should never be dammed and debased by the rigid oppression of “editing.” That was, lol, until I left high school and actually started studying the written word formally.  Since then, a convert- and I haven’t been able to leave well enough alone.

As with one art, so with another, I suppose- and as I cross the one year mark of seriously pursuing my photography, I have indulged myself permission to rework some of my favorite pictures taken in the last year with new eyes and new knowledge. This set is from Otter Crest on the Oregon coast.

Maybe because it’s the one thing I can’t work around (without a return trip, albeit much desired), but I find my former composition choices most frustrating- lol- though I am very grateful that I discovered (and switched to) RAW format just before my trip.  And, of course, for the opportunity to have gone back “home” in the first place.

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