Oregon Garden

My girlfriend Kathy, in Oregon, lives in the most beautiful home.

It has the powerful quiet of a building that somehow knows just what it’s made of.  On a summer evening it is flush with the most amazing, golden, long evening light. Where my house cries out “oh good god, how can it be time to mow the lawn AGAIN?!”, hers seems to nudge you toward another glass of iced tea and say “Goodness child, sit and chat a while- you know that shit can wait another day.”  This house has amazing hidden nooks and crannies, and you get the feeling the place is just waiting for you to get the hint and play a little.  I could have passed days chatting on the patio.  Despite the enormous amount of work it’s taken to get to this point, this home just feels imbued with the easy, confident tenacity that I first found so inspiring in Kathy over 10 years ago.

She and her husband were kind enough to take me in while I visited, and I gratefully started my trip (which proved to be more of a profound homecoming than I could have planned for) in their restorative company and space.  Their garden is an extension of their home’s hard-earned warm welcome, and I would be lying if I said I did not take turn after turn through it, sometimes with camera and sometimes without, blushed with cooing curiosity and the giddy excitement of a child. I just couldn’t take this garden far enough in.

Brightest blessings and many thanks, Kathy, for your friendship, your hospitality, and your awesome. 🙂

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