Take Two

Last Friday I left the office early to sneak in some quiet photo time at the aquarium and the bio park and was, once home and uploaded, amazingly disappointed in the pictures I got.  I got some of the shots I had been planning for, and am still processing them, but on the whole, I was very disappointed.

Interestingly, though, instead of feeling set back (the problems were absolutely oversight and human error, total rookie mistakes, I assure you) I felt a very deep and nagging desire to go back there and get it right, dammit.

The images that I was trying to get were only somewhat time sensitive and frankly not so different from the other shots I’ve done there. But the feelings of discernment, of tenacity, and of ‘I KNOW I can do better than this’ confidence were unexpectedly persistent. I have been doing photography again for about a year, and this was the first time that I felt, fully, that I knew what I wanted, knew how to get it, and knew that if I went back and tried again, I’d get the shots I had in my mind, at a level of quality I could be proud of.

So I did. And I feel as if, not so much in the pictures as in the ownership of my craft, I am slowly claiming my own title of artist.