Early Bird

2015_04_22_3754-1-1000pxThis week most surely conspired against its Weekly Photo Challenge, Early Bird. While I am often up early in the morning, doing so with the intention of taking photographs– without being away on vacation– was most certainly fraught with setbacks.

That said, I got some good shots in on Wednesday morning, from my home.  It was nice to sneak outside, eyes sleepy and bare feet pressed against the cold concrete, with camera in hand (and tied around my neck, lol) while the coffee brewed.  The morning air is always my favorite; cool and damp before the dry desert day sets in and the sun casts its long lines and draws the color out of everything.  It’s unfortunately too early in the year for our most dramatic dawns and dusks, but the sky’s color gradient was beautifully tender and soft light made it easy to capture the garden’s colors and shapes.

Please enjoy!


2014_07_31_0441-1-300pxDespite my best intentions, my son’s birthday and all the social accoutrement that went with it kept me away from my computer most of last week, so I missed a week of monochrome madness. (If you haven’t seen the weekly compilation, you should check it out!)  This week’s image is one of my favorites comes from my trip to Portland Oregon last summer– a beautiful white lily I found in the shade at the Chinese Garden.

In the course of sizing this image for submission, I realized that all of my pictures from Portland were edited prior to my learning much about the process (or even how to work with RAW files- though thankfully I was shooting JPG + RAW by then).  I have been toying with the idea of giving myself an “anniversary” opportunity to go back and reprocess some of the last year’s photos, given the amount I am learning right now, and pulling this picture up for refresh washed away any doubt I had about the value of such an exercise. (though I don’t know that I am bold enough- or mean enough- to post the old and the new side by side, as I have seen done elsewhere!)

Have a great week!

Floral Macro, Day 1

I rented a macro lens for the week to see what more a dedicated macro lens would make available to me.  We got off to a slow start the first night, but each day I’ve found myself more and more enamored with the lens and the format. (As of this writing, I have about 300 prints to work on, after initial review, and still 4 more days with the lens!)

Here is a small gallery of my first night’s photos, while I work on post-processing the rest!