A Funny Thing Happened on My Way Through the Gardens…

2015_09_04_3058-1I have slowly been working toward a IR converted camera for the last 6 months or so and it arrived back home yesterday- couldn’t help but take it out for a spin! The 720nm glass makes black and white feel like a dream-

while still offering me the option of surreal color processing-

For those of you who follow, I am working on a small redesign of the site/ my approach (including enlarging my standard image size), as my “all things I love” blog has shifted lovingly to an “I love photography” blog and my site structure needs a revamp. This is taking some time, with life and all, but I will be posting more frequently (and hopefully better!) going forward.


My submission to Leanne Cole’s excellent Monochrome Madness this week is a shot I took while on a layover in Phoenix, AZ.  The bridge between gates felt dreary, even in color and despite its leading lines, and I took the picture sitting on the floor to make it feel even more interminable.

If you haven’t stopped by to see Monochrome Madness, you really should- some amazing photographs/ photographers there!




Autumn Revisited

Last fall, the day before our first hard freeze, I slipped outside before work and played in the leaves and grape vines for a bit.  Finding such beautiful details of decay and the back lit perspective courtesy of the early morning sun made my day!

Despite my enthusiasm, I (accidentally) stashed the pictures to work on later and just came across them for processing this week.  A lot has transpired for me since these photos were taken – it feels like it was ages ago- and it seems only fitting to squeeze them in before Spring officially arrives!

Captive Nature Subjects

For being a desert, we have one hell of a zoo, botanical garden, and aquarium. Truly the easiest place in town to find beautiful, natural subjects. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel (but, you know, nothing dies).